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PO Box 313
Turners, MO 65765

Three Rivers Mfg

Three Rivers Mfg


Massachusetts, USA

TRM knives are manufactured 100% in the USA. TRM uses designs from Les Halpern and his in-house engineering/design team, as well as designs selected by TRM from well-respected custom knife-makers from around the world.

Les Halpern, owner of Halpern Titanium, has been in the trenches for more than 20 years, working closely with some of the leading names in the knife industry to help usher in a new era of knife-making. Halpern has been at the front of the line, leading the way using the finest materials, innovative designs and precision  machining techniques. Knives have evolved into a product that resembles functional art more than just a simple hand tool.  Halpern's methodical approach and meticulous attention to every detail in all TRM products is undeniable.