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PO Box 313
Turners, MO 65765

Shane Sibert

Shane Sibert

Oregon, USA

I currently make mostly fixed blade knives, adding a new model to my line up every couple of months. Although I do make a Frame lock folding knife, production is limited to only a few pieces a year and wait time is slightly longer then on my fixed blade models, call for availability.

Once a year, I do construct a unique one of a kind combat dagger for the collector or double edged aficionado, of which I try to have ready for the Oregon knife show in April for display and sale. The daggers are made to my unyielding standards, all are meant to functional, but stand alone from my standard models.

Keeping with the theme of practicality, I avoid large metal guards, bolsters and heavy pommels to keep the knives balanced and agile in the hand. Materials have been carefully selected to ensure optimal edge retention and low maintenance. Although the knives incorporate slim handle slabs to decrease unwanted bulk and weight, the handles contour the hand for a synergistic fit.

I strive to hold myself to high quality and design standards and produce a knife that will invoke pride of ownership and at the same time perform the task that it was designed for with exceptional ease. Whether it is from the mountain peaks to the arid desert, the polar ice caps to the steaming jungle, Sibert Knives will exceed all expectations.