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PO Box 313
Turners, MO 65765

Lucas Burnley

Lucas Burnley


MassaChusetts, USA

Spending time in the woods, stories of survival, off the path adventures with his father, and lots of action movies- these are a few things that planted the seeds of interest in knives for Lucas a child. Over the years, this interest became a passion for designing and creating contemporary tactical knives.

Many people have helped me throughout the years, but the brunt of my skill has been earned through trial and error. One of my favorite things about this work is that, while I feel I will constantly keep learning and growing, I will never be able to master all of the tools and techniques available to me.

Over the years I have experimented with many different styles and genres and I use elements of many classical examples in my work. Overall, I strive for my designs to be clean and functional as well as visually striking. I prefer working with modern materials, stainless steel, titanium, composite handle materials, both for their appearance as well as their durability.

To me knives are a personal expression of independence and self reliance, I try to utilize finishes that support this idea. From stone washing to acid etching, subdued two tone or polished, bold composites or fine hardwoods the options are unlimited and able to be tailored to each customer. Starting with raw materials, I'm able to create intrinsically useful and aesthetically pleasing tools and objects of pride that can be used and passed down for generations.