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LensLight is the world’s first focusable LED flashlight conceived and developed by Leonard Chapman, a 50-year veteran of the motion picture industry and president and CEO of Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment. While filming on movie and television sets, Chapman realized the need for a flashlight that could confine maximum exerted light and focus on its target without creating unnecessary disturbance, however there was no current light on the market that met these requirements.

As a leading engineer in the motion picture and television industry, he designed and manufactured the LensLight, a solution that has taken the flashlight industry to entirely new heights with its patented focusable aspheric lens system that allows for the most efficient, powerful flashlight available. It’s no wonder that LensLight is revolutionizing the flashlight industry one light at a time.

LensLight exceeds the competition in every aspect of design, durability, efficiency, and most of all, sheer power. With its patented focusable aspheric lens system, the LensLight is able to focus its powerful LED into a concentrated beam of light resulting in unprecedented brightness, accuracy and distance. Every LensLight is a product of innovative engineering, state-of-the-art machinery, highest-quality components and the most durable military grade metals available.

Experience LensLight for yourself and see why it’s quickly becoming the light of choice for industries across the globe.