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PO Box 313
Turners, MO 65765

John Hill - Lile Knives

John Hill - Lile Knives

John Henry Hill Jr. has a background, for over 20 years, in oil, gas and real estate. His hobbies include hunting and fishing with an emphasis on knife and gun collecting. Once he started collecting knives, Jimmy Lile became a huge part of his world. John’s relationship with Jimmy spanned almost 20 years and ended only because of Jimmy’s death. Together, they did numerous business deals that always resulted in a favorable outcome for both. John’s relationship with Lile and Lile’s longtime friend, Robert L. Rankin was an important part of the Lile family formula. Rankin did shows for the Liles and John was almost always in attendance. Rankin also managed and owned a store in Dallas called the Jimmy Lile Knife Store, a place which John frequented. Now, after 25 years, John calls Bob one of his dearest and most trusted friends—another testament to Jimmy and his choice of character.

John teamed up with knifemaker Vaughn Neeley in 2011 to make the Next Generation Vietnam and Dual Front Commemoratives, Next Generation Mission, Mission Stiletto and Gents Folder.  As John's responsibilities in his oil and gas business has increased he has asked Vaughn to be the primary contact for questions, order, etc.  You may contact Vaughn at 970.529.3240