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Turners, MO 65765

Jim Provost

Jim Provost

Mississippi, USA

At the age of 43, my life changed dramatically. Due to a disease known as Fibro-muscular Displacia, I experienced a stroke that affected my speech and communication skills. My left artery in my neck was also completely blocked , and I was not a candidate for surgery due to the disease. It was very difficult because as a Sales Engineer for Schlumberger Well Services, I had to communicate with numerous clients. I attended Laurel Speech and Hearing and was able to learn to speak and write again successfully (with a lot of hard work).]

I returned to work within two months after the stroke. I have great friends and supports! I am now 62 years old, retired, and work part-time as a consultant and full time knife-maker. If there is one thing I have learned and want to share with others, it would be to never quit and give up. I give God the credit for my recovery.

I have been making handmade knives since l979. I learned from a professional knifemaker, R.W. Wilson, from West Virginia. I make hunting knives, pocket knives, steak knives, skinning knives, daggers, fillets and bowies. I use all handmade products from scratch. I use various types of materials when creating handles. Each knife comes with a hand-made sheath. I enjoy making knives and try to please my customers. Voting member of the Knifemakers' Guild. I hope you enjoy my knives.