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PO Box 313
Turners, MO 65765


Lucas Burnley - Lottery Schedule

Friday, November 18 (Day 1)

11:00 AM: VIP Pass Entrance

1:00 PM: Day Pass and Collector Pass Entrance

  • Cypops sold first come, first served
  • Preview of open bid and lottery items

6:00 PM: Show Closes

Saturday, November 19 (Day 2)

10:00 AM: Show Opens To All Pass Holders

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM: Beep Beep Lottery

  • Beep Beep lottery sign up to run throughout the morning. Tickets given away first come first served. Once we run out, tickets are no longer available.
  • All entries for Beep Beep lottery are due by 2:00 PM; all names will be drawn by 2:30PM.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM: Open Bids

  • Bidding starts at 10:00 AM when the doors open.
  • Bidding closes after the Beep Beep lotteries at 5:00 PM (EST). The 5 minute rule applies and those not attending are welcomed to send bids in via email to: If you would like to bid via email, please send your maximum bid by Friday night. Your bid will be increased in $100 increments until your max has been reached.

3:30 PM: Burnley Brawlers Club Lottery

  • Location TBD. Bring your Burnley Brawlers Official Club Card or an ID and member number. We’ll do our lottery, and the group photo afterward.

6 :00 PM: Show Closes